Currently the Assembly has Twelve (12) functioning Departments out of the Fourteen (14) that makes up a Municipal Assembly.

Central Administration

The Deptartment, Provides Secretarial Services to other Departments and Co-ordinate their programs. Organize and produce reports of various Committees of the Assembly


Human Resource Department, Co-ordinates all Human Resource Programs within the Assembly; such as Staffing, Training/Development and Salary Administration.


The Department is responsible for Policy Translation, Implementation, Coordination, Monitoring and Evaluation. Health Department also provides direction in the Management of Health Service Delivery at all levels within the municipality.


The Department works with people in the community to improve their Well-being through Promoting Development with Equity for the Disadvantaged , Vulnerable and the Excluded.


The Department provides extension services to farmers in the areas of Crop management, natural resources management and encourage crop development through nursery propagation. Assist in the formulation and implementation of agricultural policy for the municipal assembly within the framework of national policies.


Finance Dept. Manages the Cash flow of the Assembly, Prepares the Assembly's Financial Report and Advice Management on Financial Matters.


The Department is to enhance Inclusive and Equitable Access to and Participation in Quality Education at all levels

Statistics Service

The Department is mandated to collect, compile/produce and disseminate official statistics in the Municipality.


The Works Department, Improves the Living Standards in the Community through Infrastructure Development and also Provide Technical and Engineering Assistance on Works undertaken in the Municipality by the Government and Private Individuals.

Urban Roads

Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness of Road Transport Infrastructure and Services. Manage the Periodic Maintenance of All Roads in the Municipality.

Physical Planning

Promote Resilient Urban Development. Prepare, Amend and Manage Requisite Human Settlement Plans. The dept. deals with all Land Use matters.

Disaster Prevention

The Department helps in addressing recurrent devastating floods. Intensify public education on indiscriminate disposal of waste

Departmental Heads

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